Kauppakeskus Kutomo, Forssa

In converting Finlayson's textile mill into the Kauppakeskus Kutomo shopping centre we combined building preservation goals with the customer's functional and commercial goals in a successful way while maintaining the original building's architecture and status in the cityscape.

Customer: Kesko oy

Location: Yhtiönkatu, Forssa

Project duration: 2000–2001, 2011

Scale: 15,300 m2, 158,000 m3

kauppakeskus_kutomo_009 kauppakeskus_kutomo_001 kauppakeskus_kutomo_002 kauppakeskus_kutomo_003 kauppakeskus_kutomo_004 kauppakeskus_kutomo_006 Model Model

Kauppakeskus Kutomo has historic construction value and was a challenging site to design. The National Board of Antiquities and Ministry of the Environment have listed Finlayson’s textile mill in Forssa as a nationally significant industrial site. The textile mill, designed by Bertel Strömmer in 1950, is protected by zoning laws as a valuable cultural-history building and part of the cityscape.

The goal was to renovate the former textile mill property into a modern shopping centre. The old red brick facade was preserved almost entirely and the old factory’s original hall-like nature can be sensed in the curves of the roof and the windows.

Business spaces are grouped along a longitudinal shopping arcade. The building’s open hall-like feel has been preserved in the business areas’ rather low, partially glazed walls, which do not extend to the roof structures. The clarity of the roof-scape has been preserved by encasing ventilation ducts in roof structures according to the original model.

The building was awarded European Building Tradition Days Plaque of Honour in 2002.