LPR Architects’ sites have been extensively covered in both national and international publications. The most important articles and publications have been compiled in these pages. High-resolution photos for media use can be accessed with a password.



The office’s sites have been featured in these publications:

Issues of Finnish Architectural Review

Arkkitehti 7/1978 Extension of Finnish Parliament House, Helsinki

Arkkitehti 3/1979 Rauman City Hall restovation

Arkkitehti 4/1980 Turku Cathedral restoration

Arkkitehti 8/1980 St. Henry’s Church, Turku

Arkkitehti 8/1981 Kaarina Parish centre

Arkkitehti 6/1982 Varissuo commercial and service centre, Turku

Arkkitehti 6/1982 Varissuo Parish Centre, Turku

Arkkitehti 2/1983 Mikkeli Parish Church restoration

Arkkitehti 6/1984 Maarianhamina state office building

Arkkitehti 7/1984 St. Mary’s Church and Kaarina Church restorations

Arkkitehti 7/1984 Resurrection Chapel restoration, Turku

Arkkitehti 2/1985 Finnish Parliament House restoration, Helsinki

Arkkitehti 2/1985 Gösta Serlachius Art Museum restoration, Mänttä

Arkkitehti 1/1986 Korhonen furniture factory, Raisio

Arkkitehti 4/1986 Juva Church restoration

Arkkitehti 1/1987 Vartiovuore Observatory restoration, Turku

Arkkitehti 6/1991 University of Helsinki main building restoration

Arkkitehti 6/1991 Ateneumin courtyard, Helsinki

Arkkitehti 1/1995 Lamminpää Chapel, Tampere

Arkkitehti 5-6/1995 Turku Conservatory refurbishment

Arkkitehti 2/1997 Technobothnia, Vaasa

Arkkitehti 5-6/1997 Turku Art Academy refurbishment

Arkkitehti 5/1998 Suomenlinna Centre (Inventaariokamari C74), Helsinki

Arkkitehti 2/2000 University of Helsinki restoration

Arkkitehti 3/2000 Ateneumin courtyard, Helsinki

Arkkitehti 5/2001 National Library of Finland (Helsinki University Library)

Arkkitehti 5/2004 Forum Marinum Maritime Centre, Turku

Arkkitehti 3/2006 Sinappi centre of Turku and Kaarina Parish Union, restoration and extension, Kakskerta, Turku

Arkkitehti 3/2006 Turku Art Museum

Arkkitehti 6/2007 Helsinki Music Centre, design phase

Arkkitehti 3/2009 Paimio Sanatorium restoration

Arkkitehti 5/2011 Helsinki Music Centre

teräsrakenne 1/90 Turku Postal centre

teräsrakenne 1/95 Turku Conservatory

teräsrakenne 1/06 Forum Marinum Maritime Centre

teräsrakenne 4/06 Aurelia Parish centre, Turku