LPR Architects’ new website published

Welcome to our new website! We have updated the entire content and appearance of our website in collaboration with the marketing communications agency Briiffi Oy. Our goal was to create a world-class website that properly highlights our prestigious design sites. We believe the final result was a success, thanks to Briiffi’s professionals as well as our own expert personnel.

2013 was a year of changes

Dear friends and valued partners,

The start of the New Year is a good reason to review the year that has passed. In many ways, 2013 was notable in the history of LPR Architects. The largest and most significant change was related to ownership. Company founders Ola Laiho, Mikko Pulkkinen and Ilpo Raunio surrendered their shares in the summer. Their work will be carried on by long-time employees Pauno Narjus, Veera Rautaheimo and Jaakko Rautanen. Pauno Narjus will serve as Chairman of the Board and Veera Rautaheimo as CEO.

Ola Laiho wins Porthan-mitali (Porthan Medal)

The Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Southwest Finland fund awarded the Foundation’s Porthan-mitali (Porthan Medal) to Ola Laiho in recognition of valuing Finnish building traditions and furthering fine architecture. According to Kristiina Rintala, who presented the medal, Laiho is a long-time professional and one of the leading figures in Finnish architecture.